Extra Curricular Activities


                                     25th April,

Quran Competition for Jeddah University 
IMG_2812 (1)

                                   26th March 2017

“Road Map to Career Planning”, by Dr. Zaheda NikhatDr. Helen Gouse and Ms Hanaan   at Al Hamraa Girls School, Jeddah

                                         Tuesday 3rd January 2017

“Professional Skills- activities”, by Male students supervised by Dr. Hashim Fida, Dr. Zaheda Nikhat, Dr. Shanthi  Vanka and Dr. Helen Gouse
at ISNC campus

                                     Monday 2nd January 2017

“Professional Skills-Activities”, by Female Students, supervised by Dr. Zaheda NikhatDr. Helen Gouse and Dr. Shanthi Vanka at ISNC’s Main Auditorium