Medical Education Unit

The Medical Education Unit (MEU) is a newly established academic unit that serves all the four programs of the College. It is involved in all aspects of the education process and assessment at Ibn Sina College. This includes curriculum development and reform, preparing syllabi and student guides, and proposing and tailoring innovative educational methods to advance the educational process to keep pace with the continuous progress in medical sciences.
The MEU also takes care of upgrading and systematizing the process of student assessment in knowledge, skills and attitudinal aspects. The MEU is also involved in evaluation of education programs and proposing solutions for development and continuous quality improvement.
A major job of the MEU is upgrading the capabilities of the academic staff members to suit their educational, research, and service responsibilities, and to make them qualified enough to help the College achieve its mission.
The MEU pays special interest in research in different sciences of medical education sciences, where its members share in featured research plans and projects with enthusiasm for sharing research findings in specialized international conferences.


  • Vision
– Within two years from now we, the Medical Education Unit (MEU), will be a house of expertise that provides quality educational and training services and consultations in the field of Health Professions Education (HPE) to Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies and other HPE Institutions in the Kingdom and the whole region.
– Working as an important asset in helping our College obtaining the academic accreditation at the national and international levels .
  • Mission
Continuous upgrading of the educational process at Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies through revision and continuous improvement of the quality of the educational programs and student assessment processes.
Enhancing the quality of the academic staff through continuing professional developmental activities.


As the case with any academic unit in the College, the functions of the MEU are divided into education and training, research and publications, and services:
  • I. Education and Training
   1. Revising and upgrading the educational modules of the whole curriculum. This includes the curriculum out lines, specific learning objectives, educational methods, study guides, and educational problems (for PBL). This function is done through collaboration between the MEU, the curriculum committee and subcommittees, and subject area experts.
   2. Regular monitoring of the modules for ensuring sufficient in tegration. This function is done through collaboration between the MEU and the curriculum committee.
   3. Planning and supervising the clinical skills lab activities.
   4. Student assessment (This function is done through collaboration between the MEU, the student assessment committee, and subject area experts):
      a. Checking for matching between teaching/learning methods and assessment methods used.
      b. Reviewing all written exams for:
             i. Item types used in an exam paper.
            ii. Item quality.
           iii. Validity and reliability of tests.
      c. Planning tools for assessing the psychomotor and affective aspects of the students (rating scales and checklists for clinical and practical exams and for clinical skills lab).
      d. Planning new methods for student assessment (like OSCE, OSPE, portfolio, etc).
      e. Establishing an exam bank.
   5. Teaching two courses:
      a. Communication Skills course for the premedical students.
      b. Concepts and Principles of Learning (COL) course to the Year 2 MBBS students.
   6. Planning and conducting workshops and training activities for staff in the following areas:
      a. PBL steps and tutoring.
      b. Formulating specific objectives.
      c. Student assessment.
      d. Writing different types of test items.
      e. Presentation skills.
   7. Planning and conducting workshops for students in the following areas:
      a. Self-learning.
      b. PBL concept and steps.
      c. Presentation skills.
      d. Orientation about student assessment methods.
   8. Preparing and introducing evaluation and feedback forms to the students and staff and analyzing collected data.
   9. Work in collaboration with the Deanship for Quality and Development in preparing the college for obtaining the academic accreditation.
   10. Participation in meetings of different committees at the college (e.g., curriculum committee, assessment committee, …).
  • II. Research and Publishing
   a. Doing and publishing researches in the field of medical education.
   b. Collaboration with other HPEIs inside and outside the college in doing research.
  • III. Service
   a. Providing training activities to staff from other institutions.
   b. Providing consultations to other HPEIs in the field of medical education.
   c. Collaboration with other HPEIs inside and outside the college in the field of medical education.
   d. Holding educational and training activities for medical staff working in the hospital and other community healthcare settings.


  • Head of the Unit
Dr. Hani Salem Atwa, DipPaed, MHPE, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medical Education
  • Secretary of the Unit
Mrs. Suzan Zamzami


Medical Education Unit (MEU),
Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies,
Al Mahjar Street, Al Mahjar, Jeddah, KSA
P.O. Box: 31906, Jeddah 21418
Phone: 00966126356555 Ext: 206
Fax: 00966126375344