Academic Affairs Unit

About Us

Welcome to the department of Academic Affairs at Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies!

Supporting the students in their efforts to get the best of opportunities at the college to pursue excellence in their chosen programs is the top most priority for us at the Academic Affairs. In close coordination with the administrative and academic departments in the college we strive to provide all possible guidance to the students and extend timely help to create and sustain a stimulating learning environment on the campus.

With sections in both male and female sides of the campus this department ensures orderly functioning of academic activities in the college and enforces a disciplined behavior on the campus. Academic schedules, maintenance of attendance records, management of academic performance data etc., are some important functions of this department. Channelizing creative energy of the young minds on the campus into productive and innovative learning outcomes and extending appropriate counseling support to help the distressed students and those with learning difficulties are equally important to us.

Aligned with the institution’s mission we work single mindedly to make the students as stress free as possible, thus help them realize their academic aspirations.

Mission of the Academic Affairs

”To strive to create a stimulating learning environment for students at ISNC to excel in their aspirations ”

نسعى جاهدين لخلق بيئة تعليمية محفزة لطلبة كلية ابن سينا الاهلية للعلوم الطبية للتميز في تطلعاتهم

Contact Us

Name of the Staff Member Contact extension in ISNC
Mrs.Manal Alowaidi  (Director) 222
Mrs. Sara Rajab   (Supervisor) 121
Ms. Wed Alqurashi 272
Ms.Jumanah  kashgari 117


Form Name Link
Application for absence excuse for lecture/practical  Download
Application for absence excuse for examinations  Download
Rules and Regulations on Attendance (English & Arabic)  Download