Screening for Hypertension and Diabetes

Community Services

Report Form

Program Medicine
Date & Time 29th November, 2016


Within Campus      ÖOutside Campus

Single Women Center, Ghulail


Title Community Service as a Part of Medical Education


Type of Community Service □Awareness       ÖScreening         □ Treatment
Classification of Community Service □Curriculum based Medical Education activity


□Research related

Objectives 1. To offer students opportunities to learn about community-based, health-related problems for better understanding of medicine and its responsibilities to the community.

2. To provide needed community service, particularly in underserved communities.

3. To include students with a sense of obligation to society by facilitating student and faculty volunteer service.


4.Enhance leadership skills and provides students with insight into community-based organizations. Through these characteristics they will become responsible and caring contributors to their community



Supervisor Prof.  Randa Alharizi, Dr. Rehab Abdelfattah, Dr.Helen Gouse
Names of Participants & Number  

1-Bashaer Shafei
2-Hanin Almazrooei
3-Reem Dakhel
4-Fatinah Aloqpi
5-Amany Yamany
6-Lujain Alhazmi
7-Ghidaa Bajunaid
8-Lujain Yumen
9-Sumaia Osman
10-Hayat Alhindi
11-Neda Alsadi
12-Norah Alotaibi
13-Esraa Seraj
14-Bashayer Bati






Target Audience details &Number Fifty single women living in Single Women House, Jeddah
Aids used Sphygmomanometer, Glucometer, Measurement tab, Scale, Stethoscope
Details of the activity Fifty women were visited, their ages range from 16 to 70 years. Fourteen of them  were subjected to:

– Full medical history

– Complete general examination

Pulse, blood pressure, random blood sugar, body weight and waist circumference then, BMI is calculated.

Seven of patients were diabetic and six of them were hypertensive, all are non-controlled. One of them had Rheumatoid Arthritis complicated by deformities and disabilities. One is hypothyroid and another one by examination is suspected to have thyrotoxicosis, we advised her to check thyroid function. Medical advice was given for all to follow up their conditions.

Feedback from audience Feedback was taken from all and it was very satisfactory.
Feedback from students who participated – There was significant interest among medical students to engage in community service.

– The feedback was very satisfactory.

Problems faced during conduction(while executing) – Finding appropriate curricular and volunteer placements is difficult and time-consuming and requires an understanding of the needs of agencies and of the capacity of volunteers.

– Student time is limited by the demands of course work and clinic rotations.

Suggestions for improvement 2-Development of guidelines to ensure that volunteer placements benefit both students and agencies; and provision of a forum for exchange of ideas and collaboration in the development of activities and educational programs.

3- Coordinate and extend activities among all programs (Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing).

4- Bring students of all programs together for mutual education, sharing of experiences, and address common issues faced by all programs, such as liability questions and transportation, work with government agencies to develop new opportunities for learning.

5- Promote student and faculty volunteerism.

6- Publish a newsletter that goes to students at each of the involved programs.

7- Provide administrative and secretarial support.

8-Development ofan annual inventory of activities to monitor the number and types of community programs and the number of students participating.

Evidence copies to be submitted

(if applicable)

□Permission letter from College

□ Permission letter to organization


Prepared by supervisor                  Dr. Rehab Abdelfattah
Submitted to Coordinator Dr Helen Suban
Submitted to Vice Dean Dr Talal AlKhatib
Kindly submit soft copy to the Coordinator along with photos to upload on website