Im a healthy child

Community Services

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Program ✓    Medicine                 □Clinical Pharmacy               □Dentistry

□ Nursing

Supervisor Dr. Hani
Names of Participants 1-Raghad Mohammed Hadi Awaji

2– Aya Wael Ahmed Salman

3– Emtinin Abdullah Jebreel Fallatah

4– Wedad Hmed Hassan Abullah Aljefri

5– Abeer Abdulaziz Hemaid Aleqabi

6– Araam saleh omar Bafanaa

7– Abrar Talal Saeed Aljohani

8– Norah Ahmed Hamad Althebyani

9– Sara Mohammed Qaid Saeed

10 – Amal Abdullah Abdulrhman Alamri

11– Eman Mohammed Saeed Saleh Tayyib .

Title of the community service I’m a Healthy Child ” أنا طفل صحي “
Type of Community Service delivered ✓    Education                

✓    Screening                  □ Treatment

Classification of Community Service ✓    Curriculum based Medical Education activity


□Research related ( after Ethical Approval)

Objectives The main objective : Grow up healthy generation with a bright future in term of health education for them selves and their parents.

Child related :

o   Knowing the healthy food and eliminating obesity and fast foods

o   Measuring the BMI.

o   The impacts of smartphones and technologies and the possibility of replacing them by in-door or out-door activities.

o   Discovering and developing child skills

o   Child hygiene education

Mother related :

o   Vaccination

o   Mother awareness about BMI and bad habits . e.g : Baby shakings syndrome .

o   Importance of breast feedings

o   Knowing the Basic of first aids


Date & Time 2-3 /  1 / 2017 From 8:00 to 12:30


            Yusr International school

✓    Outside Campus      □Within Campus               

Any community partner/collaboration/sponsor for the activity.

Give details

✓    No                                 □Yes
Target population served (e.g. geography, age, sex, ethnicity) Children from after Birth to 12 Years and their parents .
Aids used Awareness leaflets – Disinfections – tools to measure high and tall – Skill games – coloring sheets
Details of the activity It’s designed as an activity stations :

1.      Measure BMI :

•       Statistics covering 750 Students

•       Color Cards depend on child BMI , healthy tips and the method of calculation BMI


2.      Awareness of healthy foods :

•       Colorful child leaflets:

o   Importance of apple

o   Importance of Orange

o   Importance of Strawberries

o   Importance of Eggs

o   Importance of Milk

o   Importance of Water

o   Changing your breakfast to healthy breakfast

•       Interactive games to choose healthy breakfast .

3.      Discover and develop kids intelligence skills :

•       Puzzles

•       Intelligences games and competitions

•       Coloring Sheets for healthy  food

•       Leaflet of impacts of electronic devices in children

4.      Personal hygiene :

•       Activity to learn how to clean hands with antibacterial

•       Leaflet about washings hands

5.      First aids :

•       CPR

•       Burns

•       Choking

•       Emergency Numbers

6.      Newborn care :

•       Importance of Breast feedings

•       Vaccinations

•       Baby shakings syndrome

7.      Recreational activity :

•       Face painting

•       Colorful face masks


” Bag gifts ” Contains : Fruit , milk , toy and  a health advice.


Feedback from target population Now they can choose the healthy food and replace smartphones by active toys. Also, they Know the personal hygiene and the basics of first aid.

The parents became aware of their child.

Feedback from students who participated in the activity All of the students are happy in this activity and know more about communicating with children
Problems faced during conduction(while planning and implementation) of the program None
Suggestions for improvement To do routine  awareness activity
Evidence copies to be submitted

(if applicable)

□Permission letter from College                   

□ Permission letter to organization


Prepared by supervisor/ Date    
Submitted to Coordinator
Submitted to Vice Dean
Kindly submit soft copy to the Coordinator along with photos to upload on website