Iftaar party and health education

Peace, mercy and blessings of God
Mahina volunteer team decided to work Ramadan Iftaar campaign in association with the Faculty of Sciences Ibn SinaNational College for Medical Studies, Jeddah.
The purpose of this campaign was to break the Ramadan fast with needy/ Orphan children from Oula  Non- Profit Organisation and their families.
To bring happiness and joy to children and change the atmosphere around them constantly.

To educate them about common dental and health problems.
Other activities were organized like clay modeling, face painting corner, Games corner, Colouring corner, Story telling corner, dental health and medical Health education corners.

Number of children- 40 with their mothers.




Categories and members of each section :


1.Health education under the supervision of ( Huda&Abdullah )


* Dental Health

* Diabetes and blood pressure

* Obesity and healthy diet

* Awareness about Corona Virus


Members of the group :


Omar HashimNiaz
Lamia Fathi largest
Shaima Tariq Mansoor
SuhaibFathi largest
Nabila Ibrahim Sndaba



  1. Games under the supervision of ( Neayamat & Huda )

* Pencil Coloring

* Clay Modelling

* Active Games

Members of the group :

YaraHisham Mohammed
ReemSalim Ali
Asalah Mohammad Kaabi
Azzam Ahmed Khokir



  1. Face painting (under the supervision of Neyamat )


Members of the group :


Jane Razak Abbas



  1. Media and Photography (under the supervision of Moayyad)


Members of the group :


Saja Abdul Razak Abbas



  1. Storyteller (under the supervision of Rawan)

Members of the group:

Saja Khalil
  1. Reception & organization (under the supervision of Salman)

Members of the group :

Sumaya Ibrahim Sndaba
Jane Muhammad Al-Qarni
Aseel Mohammed Al Qarni


Coordinated by: Reham Al-Saydalani; Supervized by Dr Helen