Dry Eye

On 28th, 29th and 30th of April, 2016 The Medicine and Pharm D students of Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies organized and participated in “ Screening of Cataract and Dry Eye” by Maeena group (فريق ماحيِيْنا التطوعي ) at Red Sea Mall in collaboration with Ministry of Health- Eye Hospital.
There were many booths carrying information about various diseases of the Eye separately for Male and female. There were booths for entertainment for children along with face painting, coloring and photography.
Screening for Cataract and other eye problems were carried out by doctors from The Ministry of Health- Eye Hospital. Many pamphlets and brochures were distributed and doubts were cleared about many eye diseases.
Students from different colleges participated and were awarded certificates. The list of students are as follows:-

1-Daniyah Khalid Alfitni (ISNC)

2-Najat Mosab Waggas (ISNC)

3-Albara’a Mohammed Alsubhi

4-Mai Abdulrahim Mustafa ( Pharm D- ISNC )

5- Hanadi abdulaziz al hubanji (ISNC)

6- Aaisha Siddeqa Sadi (ISNC)

7-Dr.Mazen Hassan Alaslani

8-Ahmed Mohammed Alfaidi

9-Moayyad Mohammad albalawy

10-Setah rashd alshammari (ISNC)

11-Khalid Abdullah Alghamdi (ISNC)

12-Marah Mohamed Osman

13-Aayesha Abdul Gani Khatri (ISNC)

14-Dr.Salman Hani Felemban

15-Khalid Abdulelah Alqurashi

16-Dr.Faris Ali AlQahtani

17-Dr.Abdalla Fawaz M.Y. Khalil (ISNC)

18-Asma abdulkrim almohammed ( ISNC )

19-Rawan Hamed AlSaidlani

20-Dr.Neamat Hisham Salman (Pharm D- ISNC)

21 Abdullah Mashhor Alrogi

22-Dr.Reham Hamed ALSaidlani ( ISNC -organizer)