Awareness about gynecological problems among teenagers

The MBBS students of the 4th year participated in the study of “common problems among Saudi teenager”. So they conducted survey in 15th Secondary School for 500 students aged 13-19 years. This survey was followed by awareness talk about the common gynecological problems.

The community Education Programme was supervised by Dr Mahmoud and Dr Helen. The students felt that the topic was appropriate for the girls of this age. The teachers appreciated the effort taken by the college students and the cooperation between them. There was no negative feedback.

They asked for more awareness programs in many topics like prevention of health problems by avoiding bad nutrition, harmful effects of mobile and energy drinks.

The students who participated are

Manal Naif Aloufi

Hebah Abdulkadir Idris,

Bushra Marzouq Alamri

Raneem Ezzo Alshoubki

Noor Adnan Zahra

Bareah Yahya Drain

Raneem Salah Aljohane

Hanaa Taleb Alnahdi

Zahra Saeed Abdullah

Shuaa Adel Mahmoud

Shahad Nabeel Gari

Layan Shaker Alahmadi

Shahad Khalid Khayat

Ebtihal Garout

Amal Bakeet Almahmadi

Razan Ahmad Abusaber

BAyan Mahmoud

Boran Marwan Bawarith

Haifa Magrghany

Lama Ghandoura