Awareness about Diabetes and Obesity

The MBBS students of 4th year gave awareness program on Diabetes and its prevention under supervision of Dr Helen at 37th Higher Secondary Governmental school.

The Dental students screened the children for any dental problems and educated them about Diabetic oral complications under the supervision of Dr Shanthi Vanka.

They screened about 70 students of Secondary girls school aged 15-16 years by measuring the BMI (Body Mass Index) Index and categorizing them into high risk or low risk.

The feedback from the teachers was that the program was well organized, very informative, very interactive students, cooperative, punctual, disciplined and subject oriented. The feedback from the students was that they liked everything about the presentation and checkup. Some students were happy that we cared about them and felt the message of leading a good healthy physical life was conveyed to prevent diabetes.

The teachers asked for more visits to provide social awareness for schools all year long. They also suggested that they should have one whole day for complete body checkup. The students asked for more awareness programmes like Anemia.

The students who participated are

Mariam Saleh El Mehdawi

Noha Tareq AlRoumi

Basma  Walid Al Yafi

Sara Haidar Al Quraishi

Alaa Ahmed AlAmoudi

Mees Mohammed AlOtaibi

Sultana AlAmoudi