ISNC is striving to build a strong relationship with the community that serves different groups of people, aiming to provide an opportunity to its students to experience teamwork in order to feel committed to their community.

ISNC is dedicated to serve the community, therefore encourages both the staff and students to get involved in community service projects.


                                              26th February 2017

“Colorectal Cancer Awareness and Screening”, by Medicine Students  supervised by Dr Suban Mohammed Gouse at ISNC Auditorium.

     26th February 2017

“Colorectal Cancer Awareness and Screening”, by Medicine Students  supervised by Dr Suban Mohammed Gouse at ISNC Auditorium.
CRC Camp F 1

                                                    26th January 2017

“Awareness of Colorectal Cancer”, by Medicine Students supervised by Dr Helen Gouse at Single Women Center, Jeddah


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                                                       8th February 2017

       “Superbugs”, by Medicine Students supervised by  Dr Sherin Helmy Ahmed at New Jedaani Hospital, Ghulail, Jeddah
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                                      9th February 2017

  “Nosocomial infections”, by Medicine Students supervised by Dr Amal Saeed at New Jedaani Hospital,  Jeddah



                                     29th January 2017

“Awareness of Colorectal Cancer”, by Medicine Students supervised by Dr Suban Mohammed Gouse at AlThagir Hospital,  Jeddah
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                                                         5,6 & 7th January 2017 

                                                                      “ولنفسك عليك حق”
Your body has right over you”, by 4th year Medicine students supervised by Dr Hani Atwa at Red Sea Mall

                                       21st of December, 2016

“ Prevention of Breast Cancer by following the Quran and Sunnah”
          by 6th year Surgery students at Dar umm Sulaim, Jeddah.

                                                            2nd, 3rd January 2017

“Im a healthy child”, by Medicine Students supervised by Dr Hani Atwa at Yusr International school, Jeddah

                                         21st December, 2016

“Learning Styles”, by Medicine Students supervised by Ms Shayma Aljedaani at 3rd Girls Secondary High School, Jeddah

                                                            29th November 2016

“Screening for Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus”, by Medicine Students supervised by Dr Rehab Abdelfattah, at Single Women Center, Ghulail, Jeddah

                                         7th of November, 2016

“Celebration of World DIsability Day and Oral Health education”, by Medicine and Dental Student, at Hope School, center for special needs, Jeddah

                                                             19th of September, 2016

“Iftaar party and health education”, by Medicine, Dental and Clinical Pharmacy Students supervised by Dr Helen at Andalus Mall, Jeddah

                                     12th  of April, 2016

  “Vitamin D Deficiency”, by Prof Asma Abdulaziz, second year Medicine
Students at Umm Al Jurm Secondary Girls School


28th, 29th and 30th of April, 2016
“Screening of Cataract and Dry Eye”, by Medicine and Dental Female Student, at Red Sea Mall, Jeddah


                                       10th  of April, 2016
                          “World Health Day celebration”
                                                                18th  of February, 2016
“Awareness about gynecological problems among teenagers“, by Medicine Student, at 15 Secondary Government High School, Jeddah.
                                          10th of February, 2016
“Awareness about Diabetes and Obesity”, by Medicine and Dental Female Student, at 37 Government High School, Jeddah
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 9th of February, 2016

“Swine Flue Awareness”, by Pharm.D. L-8 Female Student,

at 16 Kindergarten Government School Jeddah


17-12 2015

“Celebrate World Disability Day”, by ISNC  MBBS Students


5th, 8th and 9th of November, 2015

“Influenza Vaccination”, by MOH,



Ramadan 1436 ~ June-July 2015

“Volunteering in Ramadan at Madinah”, by ISNC Students under the supervision and training of the Saudi Red Crescent,

at Al-Nabawi Masjeed in AlMadinah AlMenawarah.


Monday, 11th and 12th of May, 2015

“Awareness of Corona Virus”, by L8 Pharm.D. Students and guided by Dr Fathia El Serafy,

at Jedaani hospital in Gulail, Jeddah


Wednesday, 22nd of April, 2015

“How to deal with Teenage problems”, by 3rd MBBS Students and supervised by Dr. Helen Gouse,

at 46th Secondary Government School, Jeddah


From 15th – 30th of April, 2015

“I Quit”, by a group of ISNC Students and conducted  by the Saudi MOH,

 at Alsairafi Mall, Jeddah


From 6th – 9th of April, 2015

“GCC Dental Week”, by 5th year Dental students & 6th year dental interns along with Dr Naif,

in Jeddah


Wednesday, 8th of April, 2015

“Graduate Studies Awareness”, by ISNC Staff,

at Dar AlRowad Secondary School for Girls, Jeddah


Wednesday, 11th of March, 2015

“Red Crescent Volunteering for Ramadan and Hajj”, by the Saudi Red Crescent,

at ISNC hallway


Sunday, 8th of March, 2015

“Awareness of Oral Health & Screening of the children”, by 6th year BDS students and supervised by Dr Shanthi Vanka,

at AL-BANANschool, Jeddah Al-Sulaimania


Wednesday, 4th of March, 2015

“How to Maintain Personal Hygiene and Oral Screening Program”, by MBBS students and Dental Intern students,

at 44th School for Memorizing Quran


Thursday, 12th of February, 2015

“Break the Fear”, by ISNC students volunteers & others,

at JCCI, Ismail Abudawood Hall


Monday, 9th of February, 2015

“School Visit to ISNC, by Jazeerat AlUloom School,

at ISNC premisses


First Dose for 5 days from Sunday 8th of February, 2015


Second Dose for 5 days from Sunday 24th of March, 2015

“Polio Campaign 1436/2015”, by MOH and ISNC students volunteers,

in Jeddah


 Wednesday, 17th of December, 2014

How to Maintain Personal Hygiene of Children to Prevent Disease, by Nursing Students and staff,

at 16th Kindergarten Government School in Jeddah

Tuberculosis & Diabetes

 Wednesday, 17th of December, 2014

“Tuberculosis & Diabetes Type 1 Awareness, by Nursing Students and staff,

at 79th Secondary Government School in Jeddah


Monday, 15th of December, 2014

“Importance of Breastfeeding, by L6 Nursing Students and Staff,

for Outpatients at Al Jeedani Al Safaa Hospital


 Wednesday, 10th of December, 2014

“Personal Hygiene & Public Health, by MBBS Students,

at the 6th Kindergarten Government School in Jeddah


Tuesday, 25th of November, 2014

“Food is Your Health, by premedical students,

at Single Women Center, Ghulail, Jeddah


 Thursday 20th and Friday 21st of November, 2014

“World Diabetes Day, Screening Program by the Nursing Faculty, organized by King Abdul Aziz University,

at Mega Mall- Jeddah


from 25th of September to 7th of October, 2014

“Medical Service during Hajj Season, conducted by Saudi Red Crescent Authority,

volunteered by MBBS students and staff


August, 2014

“Screening of Obese children, by MBBS Students,

in Jeddah


Sunday 20th of May, 2014

“Corona Awareness, by BDS, MBBS and Pharm. D. Students,

at ISNC’s Hospital and at 68th Secondary Government School in Jeddah consecutively by BDS students


Monday, 3rd of March, 2014

“Orphan Day at ISNC, by Students,



February, 2014

“Let’s Eat Right Campaign, organized by Ministry Of Health, volunteers from ISNC’s Students,

at different malls

Breast cancer-12

Friday, 3rd of January, 2014

“Medical Awareness Program, by Dr Helen Raju Kannimel & Dr O.M.Kavitha,

at Obhor – Jeddah