Extra Curricular Activities

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                                             26th March 2017
“Road Map to Career Planning”, by Dr. Zaheda NikhatDr. Helen Gouse and Ms Hanaan 
                                                 at Al Hamraa Girls School, Jeddah
IMG_2812 (1)
                                                       26th March 2017
“Road Map to Career Planning”, by Dr. Zaheda NikhatDr. Helen Gouse and Ms Hanaan 
                                                 at Al Hamraa Girls School, Jeddah

Tuesday 3rd January 2017

“Professional Skills- activities”, by Male students supervised by Dr. Hashim Fida, Dr. Zaheda Nikhat, Dr. Shanthi  Vanka and Dr. Helen Gouse
at ISNC campus

Monday 2nd January 2017

“Professional Skills-Activities”, by Female Students, supervised by
Dr. Zaheda NikhatDr. Helen Gouse and Dr. Shanthi Vanka
at ISNC’s Main Auditorium

Sunday 22nd of November, 2015

“Nanotechnology: Introduction and Application in Health Science”, by Guest Speaker Dr. Mohammad Mokhtar, Professor at KAU,

at ISNC’s Main Auditorium


Sunday 15th of November, 2014

“Art of Crochet”, by an ISNC pharmacy graduate, the founder and owner of Kees Cheek,

at ISNC’s Main Auditorium


Sunday 25th of October, 2015

“Fight Like a Girl”, by ISNC’s Female Students,

at ISNC’s Main Auditorium


Sunday 18th & Monday 19th October 2015

“ISNC Graduation Ceremony”,

at Lailaty Hall, Jeddah

اليوم الوطني2

Sunday 11th of October, 2015

“Saudi National Day Celebrations”, by ISNC’s Female Students,

at ISNC’s Main Auditorium

لتس موف

Sunday 6th of September, 2015

“Let’s Move”,

at ISNC’s Main Auditorium

نساعدهم لنسعدهم

Sunday 30th of August, 2015

“Let’s help them to make them happy”, by ISNC’s Female Students,

at ISNC’s Main Auditorium

المحاضرة التعريفية للسنة الثانية

Sunday 16th of August, 2015

“Introducing second year MBBS”,

at ISNC’s Main Auditorium


Monday, 11th of May, 2015

“Students Activities Closing Ceremony and Expedition (MESK)”, under the patronage of Sheikh/Shalli AlJedaani and Dr. Rashad Kashkary,

at ISNC Main Auditorium


Thursday 23rd of April, 2015

“PharmaVista Symposium 2015”, by ISNC’s Level 6 Pharmacy Students,

at King AbdulAziz University


Saturday, 18th of April, 2015

“Think beyond the Possible”, by a group of estimed guest speakers and organized by ISNC’ students, sponsored by Saudi Post,

at ISNC Main Auditorium

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Sunday 12th of April, 2015

“Anesthesia and Critical Care, a Platform for Some Ethical Principles”, by guest speaker Dr. Walid Alyafi,

 Head of Anesthesia and ICU Department in National Gard Hospital, and  President of the Saudi Organization for Anesthesia and ICU,

at ISNC Main Auditorium


Sunday, 5th of April, 2015

“Nursing Day”, organized by Nursing Students,

at ISNC Main Auditorium


Sunday, 8th of March, 2015

“Know about USMLE”,

Live broadcast from Canada by guest speaker Dr. Asheek Ashrafali MD,

at ISNC Main Auditorium


3rd and 4th of March, 2015

“Oral Health”, organized by Asrar magazine in collaboration with MOH,

at ISNC Main Corridor


Wednesday, 3rd– 5th of March, 2015

“Dar Al-Hekma 5th Annual Sports Tournament for Universities and Colleges”,

 at Dar Al-Hekma University


from the 25th to 28th of February, 2015

“5th SUSF Championship for Saudi Universities for Table Tennis”,

organized by Saudi Universities Sports Federation


from the 9th to the 17th of February, 2015

“ISNC Futsal Championship”, organized by ISNC and supervised by Mr. Osama Heless,

at the Sports’ tent of King Abdulaziz University


Sunday, 15th of February, 2015

“Cancer in Children”, by Dr. Marwa Hussein, Lojain Abussbaa and Rawan Alghamdi,

at ISNC’s Main Auditorium


from the 10th to the 12th of February, 2015

“1st & 2nd Place at 7th DSSM”, event organized by College of Dentistry – Qassim University,

at Qassim


Wednesday, 11th of February, 2015

“Introduction to Coagulation Pathology Workshop”,

ran by King AbdulAziz University within USMLE Preparation Program,

and presented by guest speakers: Dr. Manuel Castro Bio, Dr. Bashar Bishara and Eng. Hamza Mohammed Ghanduorah,

at ISNC’s Main Auditorium

IMG_8720 - u0646u0633u062Eu0629

Thursday, 5th of February, 2015

“Polio Program”, by guest speaker Dr. Tahani Mohamed Bakhsh and Dr. Wafaa Kheidr,

at ISNC’s Main Auditorium, under the participation and patronage of the MOH


 Sunday, 21st of December, 2014

“Professional Skills and Concepts of Learning”, by 2nd Year MBBS Female Students,

at ISNC Main Auditorium

HIV event photo

 Thursday, 18th of December, 2014

“Dealing with AIDS as a Future Healthcare Professional”, by guest speaker Dr. Nizar Bahabri

at ISNC Main Auditorium

WE CAn Change photo

 Sunday, 14th of December, 2014

“We Can Change!”, by L5 Pharm. D. Students

at ISNC Main Corridor

self confidence photo

Sunday, 23rd of November, 2014

“How to Boost Self Confidence”, by guest speaker Dr. Hassan Al Zahran

at ISNC Main Auditorium

diabetes facebook page photo

 Launched on Monday, 17th of November, 2014

“Ibn Sina’s Diabetes Mission”, by MBBS Students

on Facebook

Breast Cancer Awarness photo

 Sunday, 26th of October, 2014

“Breast Cancer Awareness”, by guest speaker Prof. Samia Al Amoudi

at ISNC Main Auditorium


 Saturday, 25th of October, 2014

“TEDx-Jeddah”, with the participation in organizing and speaking of ISNC Students,

at Batterjee Medical College

Corona Program8

 Sunday, 20th of May, 2014

Get Awareness about Corona Virus,

by Banan (4th Year MBBS),  Ahd Sabri & Nesreen Bawazer (Pharm L 4),

at ISNC Main Auditorium

Corona awarness photo

 Sunday, 11th of May, 2014

“Corona Awareness Program”, by guest speaker Dr. Batool Ali

at ISNC Main Auditorium